For the last couple of weeks I have been staying active by trying some of the gym classes at the active adult community of PebbleCreek.

Pretty much everyday lately (Monday – Saturday), I have been in one class or another (and sometimes two!!), trying out the various offerings.  I would not be able to pick out a favorite, and have been enjoying the wide variety.  Water aerobics is offered Monday – Friday at 8 AM and has a faithful following; as many as 70 people may show up for one class.   On dry land, the Zumba instructors each have different styles – and there are three to choose from; no matter which one you choose, you will get a work out.   And, I have also been attending aerobics and Pilates.  Like everything at PebbleCreek, the structured gym classes offer an opportunity to meet people with similar interests; each class has both a dedicated following and room for newcomers.

Not all of the classes are aiming for an aerobic heart rate…   there are Yoga and Meditation offerings as well.  And during the years that I have lived here, I have noticed that the gym schedule changes regularly and is continually updated; new classes pop up quite often.  I haven’t taken the new Bodyworks and Barre class, for example, but I DO want to try it.

Gym classes are not for everybody.  Many, many people have a fitness routine that includes walking the 2.5 mle Robson Circle loop on the Eagles Nest side of the property.  Others are faithful Pickleball or Tennis players.  Many folks golf.  Some just want to do their pool laps in peace.  The PebbleCreek Hiking Club is another favorite for folks who want to stay in shape.  I tend to use my bicycle within the community whenever I can.

The combination of top notch resources that PebbleCreek offers and the time, finally, to commit to a real fitness routine often means that our residents are in the best physical shape of their lives.  In my case, that might not be saying much, but I think it is actually true!   I know that somewhere a high school gym teacher – into whose classes I put ZERO energy – is somewhere very proud of me now!