Do you remember team building activities?  “Mandatory fun” sorts of things that involved a lot of newsprint paper, small group break out sessions, and challenges like trust drops…   falling backward off of some small height into the arms of your supportive team.  Whatever.  Usually lunch was served… that was, by far, the highlight for me.  I can’t be the only one who sees the word “team” and is almost traumatized by how team work used to be structured, enforced and taught.

So, fast forward to my own business and I am delighted to be part of the PebbleCreek Real Estate Group.  Here in Arizona, real estate teams are structured in different ways and you may want to be aware of those structures as you choose who to work with.   Both buyers and sellers can benefit from a well structured team – here are some things to think about:

  • Does the “Face” of the team delegate out most of the work?  When I take on clients, I plan on working with them from beginning to end.  I do the paperwork, I manage the showings, I interact with inspectors/title/lenders.  I am a single point of communication for everyone.  On some teams, each individual member specializes in something – one individual will be the first point of contact, but as the transaction moves toward closing, other agents will take over.   In the PebbleCreek Real Estate Group, each of us has our own practice and we all offer the continuity of working with one individual agent throughout the transaction.


  • Does the individual agent have any back up?   Some agents work alone.  Like, really, really alone.  Which sounds great – until life happens.  Until a family emergency takes that agent out of town just when you need them, or their kid gets sick, or they simply get too busy. At that point, who does the solo agent call?  I would call the PebbleCreek Real Estate Group members – we are aware of each other’s transactions, we all know PebbleCreek well and each one of them could move a transaction along for a buyer or seller without my physical presence.   If a buyer is going to invest in a plane ticket to come to PebbleCreek I want them to be confident that I will be here for them – but in the rare case of an emergency that changes my plans, they will be well cared for.  We Back Each Other Up.  That is what we mean when we say that we are a team.


  • Agents from the same brokerage are not necessarily effective backup.  Keep in mind that my SUPERB and well respected broker with RealtyOne Group has over 400 agents under her (yes, she is that good!).  I probably run in to those agents all the time and don’t  even know that we work for the same company.  But don’t be misled if agents boast about their brokerage and how many people they work with: just a handful of those 400 agents are meaningful backup for me in PebbleCreek – most of them have never even been here.   Keep that in mind as you interview agents.  At the same time, it is IS important that all of the members of the PebbleCreek Real Estate Group are afilliated with the same broker – we are all working under the same guidance, policies and practices.  Backup should come from within the brokerage, but every afilliate of the brokerage will not be backup!


I don’t want to be a solo agent because I think my clients benefit from the depth our Group can provide.  And I also don’t want to be a cog that does one specific task (like negotiating repairs) over and over again as part of a segmented team.   That’s why I am proud to be a founding member of The PebbleCreek Real Estate Group – a group of PebbleCreek resident agents who back each other up.