I may be crazy. But I trust that readers of this blog, with enough life under their belts to possibly be interested in moving to an active adult community in Arizona such as PebbleCreek, understand that nowhere is perfect.

Often, I am asked, “what are the challenges here?” People want to know what they will find if they scratch just a bit below the marketing gloss. And I have no trouble sharing those challenges that I am aware of because – obviously since I live here! – for me the benefits of living here far outweigh the potential downsides.

Here are some things that “Creekers” talk about:

  • HOA Dues Increases: This is fresh in everyone’s mind because the bills come out at the beginning of the calendar year. For 2020, the HOA dues are $2,728 annually. The Villas have an extra HOA fee of at least $150 a year. The base HOA fee covers use of all of the facilities, our security gates and patrol service, and maitenance of our amenities. The Villa HOA fee covers external maintenance. With some wiggle room for the Board to make changes, there is currently a 10% cap on annual HOA dues increases. Check out page 40 of this document if you want to read more. Also, keep in mind that it is extremely rare in metropolitan Phoenix to avoid paying an HOA fee of some amount.
  • The Bullard Wash goes through the Eagles Nest side of PebbleCreek. I am no engineer, but the bottom line is that a stream of water goes through the property and occasionally floods. This was a big deal last summer when the flooding was daily, causing a few blocked roads and some swamped land. Since the summer, the city of Goodyear has made CONSIDERABLE progress with the pipes that control the flow of the wash and the problem has decreased significantly.
  • The Eagles Nest Golf Course is being upgraded in 2020. Due to scheduled updates/maintenance, the course is not expected to be open for much of the year. Hence, the Tuscany Falls side golf courses are in increased demand.
  • PebbleCreek will reach build out in the forseeable future. The dates vary, but there is no doubt that Robson will be completing new construction here within the next few years. This means that the community is anticipating a transition from builder control to resident control of the HOA. This is an anticipated and predictable transition that is already being discussed and planned for.
  • There are busy roads/expressways in the area. Yes. I-10 and Rt. 303, both significant expressways, are within sound – and from some lots – sight distance of PebbleCreek homes. The impact varies depending on the lot; some homes are barely impacted at all. But to me, the simple reality is that the price to be paid for easy access to Phoenix with its full plate of cultural offerings – is roads.

Those are the big topics that I am aware of. And for the vast majority of residents, the ease of meeting people, the seemingly unlimited things to do, the desert weather, the location and the unique culture of PebbleCreek that you have to visit to experience far outweigh the challenges.

Come and see for yourself!